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Tom Demonstrates the wicking performance of DRYLYTE


Dear SUB4,

I have been a huge fan of Tom Steiner and his SUB4 products since I first met him at the Las Vegas Marathon expo in 2006.  That's when I bought my first pair of 2-pocket compression shorts, and I've loved them ever since.  I also am a fan of the SUB4 ear warmers and beanie caps since I live in frosty Northern Ohio, but I have to tell you just how much I love those shorts!

On July 31-August 1, 2010, I participated in the Burning River 100 mile endurance race in Northeast Ohio.  I was asked to be a pacer for a friend who was running his first 100 mile race.  Although I wasn't going to be running the full 100 miles, I was asked to accompany my friend for 31 miles of hilly trails through the dark overnight hours.  During long endurance races, one has to be prepared. I wore my beloved SUB4 2-pocket compression shorts, and I was so glad that I did!  Those two "butt pockets", as I like to call them, securely held..

4 energy gel packets
cell phone
car keys
a bag of E-Tabs (electrolyte tablets)
a pack of ginger gum (for nausea)
a spare headlamp with headband
and a bandana!

The filled pockets never interfere with my arm swing or my gait.  I never feel like I'm carrying a thing, nothing ever falls out, and I have everything I need, even for long mileage.  Plus, I've had these shorts for several years and many, many washings.  The elastic is still strong and the pockets have never stretched out.   Attached is a photo of Burning River 100 finisher, Mark Anson, and me, posing for a photo at the Mile 64 aid station (photo by Nick Billock, himself a BR100 finisher!) 

Please continue making these amazing shorts and other great Made in the USA products!  

Happy Trails,

Carole Moran Krus
University Heights, Ohio


Tom:  In December I went to circulatory specialist doctor over some varicose vein problems I have.  Among other things, he advised that I use 30-40 mm Hg support socks at least thigh high.  I have pursued that avenue.  In the meantime, I had some old running tights which I donned and found that they relieved the ache and itch that I had.That success led me to purchase two pair of your running tights to wear under slacks in an office environment and everywhere else.  I liked them so much that I ordered two more pairs from Sub4USA.  Here are my findings: 

·         They make a great base layer in cold weather – comfortable, supportive, and help stave off the cold.

·         Above 76 degrees they are too warm as a base layer.  The office I work in has warm temperature issues, so I have experienced this.

·         They do help with varicose vein issues, but Sub4USA would probably get in hot water with the medical community if you stated that.

·         They wash nicely on gentle settings and do not seem to pick up odors quickly.

·         They make nice pajama bottoms if one is so inclined.   I think that you could legitimately market Sub4USA tights as cold weather base layer garments and as comfortable casual wear.  They are a nice product. Keep up the good work!

Don from Illinois


Your 26.2 marathon shorts do indeed live up to their billing.  Over a long run/race your 26.2 marathon shorts have proven to be more comfortable than any other running shorts I've purchased.  They don't ride up, one can retrieve stuff from the pockets on the fly yet things don't fall out, and most importantly - I have yet to chafe during a marathon wearing your shorts.   That sounds silly but it has proved important.

    Just last weekend I ran my first extreme ultra-marathon.  I was wearing your shorts.  I ran 32 miles, crossed streams, climbed under barbed wire fences, and survived the temperature swinging from 32 degrees to nearly 80.  Amazingly enough, I managed all this without Glide, because I'd forgotten to pack it.  No chafing, no bruised skin, no elastic cutting into my waist.  Amazing.
    I'm currently on my second set of Sub4usa marathon shorts - I bought my first pair at the 2003 Flying Pig Marathon and ran most of my next two dozen marathons in them (and many long runs) - without the discomfort and problems I've had with other running shorts.  About a year ago I realized I needed a second pair and had to hunt you down at race expos until I'd found you again.   Thank you,
Andrew Griffin


I'm not usually one to toot the "Made in the USA" horn but this place really is great for basic running gear if you're not looking to spend a fortune but you want some quality stuff.

--- Insert montage of happy people running on the beach here---
Sure, their website may make you a little apprehensive. Everything's red, white or blue... people are actually wearing sweatbands across their foreheads (who does that?)... but give this stuff a chance.

I get some very specific running/workout gear from these guys: compression shorts. Some people wear them under other shorts (me), some people wear them alone (tiny little girls on liquid diets), and some people wear them under leotards (fitness instructors at the YMCA in Roanoke, VA). Anyway, these compression shorts are special.

They're unique for three reasons: They're wicking,  they don't retain funky workout smells after many washes, and (drumroll) they have miniature pockets! Pockets! Hooray! They hold a few energy gels for long runs or a small iPod or even your car or house key. Trust me people, these qualities are key. They also offer a 100% money back guarantee and their employees are friendly.

They were not easy to find. I searched high and low at various running stores, catalogs, marathon expos, you name it. Now that I've found them I want to share them with you and make your running days hands and chafe-free!
Kelly R, Beverly Hills, CA   5 STAR RATING!

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