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Tom Steiner, (Mr. SUB 4), arrived in Southern California in 1975 freshly graduated from Mankato State, MN with a fire in his belly. He’d had an outstanding collegiate basketball and running career but was unable to crack the elusive Sub 4 minute mile. He did come close at 4.04 and was a two time All American in both X Country and Track and Field events. He just loves to tell me about how he missed Salazar by 6 seconds back in ’75 at the National AAU Championships.

So now he was going to inject his beloved track and field sport with some much needed running apparel; specifically, RUNNING CLOTHES designed for RUNNERS! In fact , he started an athletic apparel revolution that ultimately transformed the sport from a secondary one to one that now enjoys great prestige, if not the cash prizes it also richly deserves. In a nutshell, Tom is touted (and it’s true) with the design and introduction to the marketplace of the VERY FIRST “tricot” running shorts with an attached brief.

Tom demonstrates the wicking performance of Drylyte at the Long Beach Marathon 2006.

I know it’s true because I used to wear them playing racquetball back in 1976 ten years before I’d ever meet Mr Sub 4. They used to have an iron on logo back then and I would scrape it off…lol…that was before the age of designer logo marketing. Shortly after Tom’s 4 stripe tricot shorts came out, the copycats followed…I remember Dolphin in particular had a good copy. I wore those too.

At that time, tricot, a low friction, soft and silky fabric, was used for pajamas. It was also extremely light weight. Actually, Tom wandered around the malls until he inadvertently stumbled into a lingerie shop and manhandled a few nighties and undies. Click! The light went on and SUB 4 was born. The rest is history…

Today, Runner’s Gear Inc., owner of the Sub 4 brand, still maintains the same patriotic ideology that Tom inspired. We manufacture ONLY in the USA and use ONLY USA made fabrics. We refuse to pay major athletes the ridiculous sums that our competitors do in order to promote their products. Those huge promo payouts are reflected in higher consumer prices whereas we on the other hand have kept our prices low even in the face of competing against cheap overseas manufacturing.

Fabric technology has come a long way since the “tricot” days and so we constantly strive to obtain and provide the very best available ingredients in all the garments we manufacture. Our most successful collection, hands down, has been the DRYLYTE one. A second revolution in fact. Not since the advent of “polypropylene” have we seen such extraordinary wicking capability. DRYLYTE has definitely taken the sport of running, as well as other sports, to a new level of comfort and performance.We sincerely hope that, as we introduce our products to the web customers, they will join our many happy customers both in appreciating and enjoying the result of Tom’s, (Mr. SUB 4’s) American Dream! WEAR IT IN GOOD HEALTH!

Yours truly,
Mrs. Sub 4


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